Sex, The Illustrated History, Volume I, begins a daring exploration of human sexuality from the ancient to the modern world. Revealed are sexual practices and beliefs previously omitted or obscured from all historical telling. In a scathing condemnation of religion and its control of sex, the book explores complex relationships between spirituality and sexuality. Over 300 erotic and explicit illustrations add razor-sharp depth to the work. The book is leagues beyond the classic History of Sex, by Michel Foucault, written in the 1950’s and includes Ancient sex, Roman sex, Medieval sex and church scandals.

The supremacy of the mother goddess throughout most of human existence, and her relatively recent fall, is detailed in both word and image. These pages share graphic erotic art works and explicit literary excerpts, painstakingly culled from the hidden treasure trove of cultures throughout history. The often explicit illustrations are linked by historical and anthropological content, inviting the reader to experience sexuality through varied and often shocking cultural lenses. Over 300 images have been gathered by the author, in his travels and studies of world cultures.

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John R. Gregg’s Sex, the Illustrated History is an encyclopedic tour of the sexuality of humankind.

Volume I, Sex in the Ancient World, Early Europe Through the Renaissance, and Islam


Volume II, Sex in Asia, Australia, Africa, The South Pacific and the Indigenous Americas